Drive safer. Pay lower. Claim faster.

There’s no runaround here. Insurance should keep you safe, covered, and fully informed — that’s exactly what we do.


Watch the way driving habits impact risk, then adjust accordingly.


Stay constantly informed on what factors are lowering your premiums.


Manage claims from start to finish and see them through swiftly.

Machine learning powers what you pay.

Evaluate your risk, then pay fairly. Every second, 65 data points tell our machine learning models how safe you are. Then, a personal premium is calculated.

Vehicle & Activity

Usage time and vehicle make and model create an informational foundation.


Driver behaviour is measured by factors like speed and acceleration.


Mother Nature makes sure you pay less when skies and roads are clear.

Time & Location

Late night jaunts, lunch hour, busy roads, and bustling intersections are logged.

Claims have never been so straightforward.

Straightforward claims systems. The claim gets pushed to everyone who needs it, and you stay up to date. Get back on the road in no time.

Less than 1% litigation rate.
  • Collect
  • Submit
  • Confirm

Check that everyone is ok

Safety is number one. After you check to see that everyone is alright, record details for the insurer.

Review the details

Once everyone is safe, take a look through all of the details and verify everything.

Add any comments

Share your side of the story and then send the claim. That's it.

We care deeply about your privacy. Really.

As a data-driven platform, we put privacy first. It’s imperative that your data stays yours. Our usage policy makes sure of it.

Our Data Usage Policy

Time to evolve your insurance.

Real-time rates, organised claims, and increased road safety are all yours. Just a few simple questions to get started.

I manage a fleet

I’m a driver

I’m a broker

It’s time for a data based upgrade.

The fair prices, feature-packed claims hub and real-time risk monitoring are just the beginning.

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