Drive your fleet with real-time insurance.

Dramatically lower rates with advanced driver safety data analysis. Handle claims with automatic processing and updates. All within a completely intuitive platform built for you and your fleet.


Calculate individual driver risk in real-time. Then, get an entirely personalised premium based on transparent data.

Easy risk

You and your drivers stay informed down to the smallest detail, evolving safe behavior along the way.


Optimise driver behaviour, fuel expenses and route strategy while paying what you ought to in premiums.

The way fleet insurance should be.

Fleet premiums shouldn't be based on catch-all costs and assumptions. Rideshur brings you completely personalised premiums set by accurate data, gathered from right on the road.

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  • Our job is to get everyone home safely to their loved ones and working with Rideshur helps us to do that.

    Gurinder Dhillon

    CEO, OttO Car

Less downtime, more safety, all monitored.

Keep track of how your drivers are driving. If an accident occurs, all of the data arrives in a snap. Now you can handle claims quickly and keep your fleet on the road.

Upto 4 days less time processing claims

The perfect insurance platform.

Watch your fleet drive in real-time. Process claims painlessly. Pay fair premiums. Act on everything you need to manage insurance and mitigate risk in one intuitive app.

A per-second price point

Know what you’ll pay and why based on 65 secure data points.

Real-time risk information

Monitor driver risk moment-by-moment and stay ahead of trouble.

Instant claim communications

Stay informed with real-time claim statuses, information requests and insurer updates.

All the coverage you’re used to, plus some.

A modern take on insurance doesn’t mean dialling it down. With Rideshur, your fleet is always fully insured, front to back.

Third Party Liability

Windshield damage

Personal accident

Theft & loss of keys

Legal defence

Third-party bodily injury

Accidental Damage

Emergency Medical expenses

Take control of your premium.

Pay exactly what you should and never more. It's only fair.

Upto 20% Savings vs. traditional premiums due to active monitoring.

Time to evolve your insurance.

Real-time rates, organised claims, and increased road safety are all yours. Just a few simple questions to get started.

I manage a fleet

I’m a driver

I’m a broker

Experience the future of fleet insurance.

Risk management. Real-time data. An all-inclusive claims dashboard. Evolving safety. Truly custom costs.

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