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Who are Humn and who are Rideshur?

Humn is the name of our company whilst Rideshur is the platform providing the risk management and insurance solution you will be working with.

How does Rideshur work?

Rideshur provides insightful real time understanding of risks at a driver and fleet level. Most importantly it tells the fleet manager how to reduce that risk. Rideshur builds up this understanding of risk by combining vehicle data with an understanding of the environment (road, buildings, areas, time, weather etc.) around the vehicle from many different data sources.

What devices are necessary?

Rideshur requires telematic devices that provide on-board diagnostics, GPS and accelerometer information. We will endeavour to work with your existing telematics provider but we also have a list of preferred partners we can introduce you to.

Which TSPs do you work with?

We work with the leading providers.

If our TSP is not a partner of Humn, do we need to install new hardware?

Please inform us which TSP you use and our team will contact the vendor and assess whether we can integrate its data into our system and whether it can provide us with the needed raw data and at high frequency. We will endeavour to integrate any TSP that fits our requirements.

If we don't have a TSP, who would you recommend?

Please contact your account manager and they will introduce you to our preferred partners.


Will you provide training on how to use the platform?

Yes, your account manager will provide a detailed walk through on how to make full use of the platform and is on hand to provide further help going forward. Do reach out to your account manager with any questions.

Can you customise the platform?

Yes, we can customise the platform. If you let your account manager know what you want to be customised, we can revert with options and next steps.

Is it easy to add and remove drivers?

Yes, very easy to activate and deactivate drivers on the platform. This can all be done in the platform. Alternatively you can also contact your account manager who will help you through the process.

How does the scoring work?

Rideshur grades each trip your vehicles make with a relative risk score. This score shows how you drive and is applied to your standard usage rate to provide your premium for each trip. The higher your risk score the more risky your driving will be graded.

How do I respond to bad driving events?

The platform provides real time insights showing the remedial action we recommend you take with the driver to improve their driving. There is also the ability to track and log your conversations with the driver.

What is the adjustment interval?

This is the time interval you agree to be billed at. We will agree this with you as we set you up on the platform. It is flexible and can be monthly or quarterly.


How does the score correlate to my insurance?

The relative risk score per trip is applied to the usage rate in real-time to deliver a fair and transparent premium per trip.

At the end of your adjustment interval we will aggregate up all the trips and charge the premium sum. However, your premium for each adjustment interval will be capped at a 20% discount or 20% loading at the fleet level. This is in an effort to provide you with an expected costing.

What data do you need, to provide an insurance quote?

We ask clients to complete a proposal form. This allows us to produce a quote. The minimum requirements we need are:

  • Full company details
  • Inception date
  • Programme details (cover & excess)
  • Vehicle list in excel
  • ABI format claims experience (3-5 years ideally)
  • Claims listings or details of large losses (£50K+)
  • Historic Annual Mileage

Please contact Humn at [email protected] if you have any trouble getting hold of this information.

What vehicles can you insure?

As of December 2020, we can provide quotes for the following.

  • General Fleet
  • Public Sector
  • Private/Public Hire
  • Courier
How is the premium built up?

For each vehicle in your fleet there will be a parked rate and a usage rate per mile.

The usage rate will be flexed for each trip depending on your relative risk score.

However, at the end of each adjustment interval, we will aggregate up all the trips and charge the premium sum. However, your premium for each adjustment interval will be capped at a 20% discount or 20% loading at the fleet level. This is in an effort to provide you with an expected costing.

What happens if vehicles drive more than the agreed amount?

Everyone sometimes exceeds their expected mileage, so we allow you a certain amount of flexibility beyond the agreed mileage limit. Over and above the agreed amount we will charge for the additional miles at the applicable usage rate factoring in the relative risk score of each trip.

How do I know what my insurance will be if it's priced per trip?

We will provide you with an estimate based on driver/trip performance to date.

Our premiums are also calculated in a way that we provide you with the best and worst case premium for each adjustment interval.

Does my insurance lower if the car is not being used?

If a vehicle is not being used then no usage premiums will be charged. You will simply pay the annual parked rate + insurance premium tax (IPT).

If a driver drives poorly in a trip and potentially crashes does this mean the insurance is too high?

This would be dependent on the number of events flagged before the accident. If the trip was generating a driver score at the lower end of the scale in the build up to the accident, then the usage rate applicable will have been loaded accordingly. The relative risk score will be adversely impacted post accident.

What happens when there is a crash - does the system notify the insurer?

You have a duty to report an accident to us as soon as possible. Please email [email protected].

Who underwrites your insurance?

We work with a number of leading underwriters. This information will be provided as part of your quote and policy documentation.

What if I have a complaint?

You should submit your complaint to [email protected].

As we are authorised by the FCA, we are required to follow best practice for complaints handling. The process will be explained to you as part of the on-boarding process.


How does billing work for insurance?

You will be billed at agreed intervals. The intervals will be either monthly or quarterly. If there is a delay to the dynamic premium for whatever reason, we will charge you an agreed pro-rata premium.

Do you have premium finance available?

Yes, premium finance is available. Please let us know at the earliest opportunity if you would like premium finance to be made available to you as part of the quotation process.


How long is the minimum contract?

Typically 12 months. We may consider alternative periods at our discretion. Please make us aware as soon as possible if you need an alternative policy period.

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