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Is Rideshur an insurance company?

Nope. Rideshur is an insurance and risk management product that intricately measures driver risk using artificial intelligence. The risk factor is then applied to the calculation of insurance premiums. These custom calculations lead to completely individual rates that end up being much fairer than other insurance products.

Who are Risk Services? Risk Services, a trading name of Limited, is a Managing General Agent (MGA). While we’re not an insurance company, we do underwrite on behalf of top-tier insurance providers.

We calculate your custom rates and provide you with high quality coverage on behalf of our curated list of insurers.

What happens with my data?

It stays super safe with us. It’s anonymised and never shared or sold. Check out our Privacy Policy.

What does Rideshur cost?

Contact us to find out. Pricing is completely custom and totally fair depending directly on your fleet behaviour. We don’t give blanket rates because they’re often arbitrary. Rideshur was made to side-step markups and keep prices where they ought to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a claim?

Please refer to the claims section within your policy document or simply call +44 3448 562231 or email

What happens if I have an accident?

Ensure all parties involved are safe and secure, call the emergency services if necessary, take down as much information as possible including but not limited to photos, location, contact info, witness info and simply call +44 3448 562231 or email

How do I change my details?

You can update us via the client portal, by email at, by phone on +44 578 65387182 or your broker.

How do I add a new vehicle?

You can update us via the client portal, by email at, by phone on +44 578 65387182 or your broker.

I’ve been stopped by the Police but I know I’m insured.

If you have been stopped by the Police it could be due to a number of reasons, simply provide them with a copy of your certificate of motor insurance to prove you’re covered. If there are any further issues around your insurance arrangements simply contact us.

How do I contact you?

You can update us via the client portal, by email at, by phone on +44 578 65387182 or your broker.

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