The future of insurance is data, driven.

Rideshur sets fair rates adjusted at every turn. Safety, risk level, and claims are all managed from a single dashboard. Evolve your fleet.

24/7 UK Claims Team

Easy to use claims process. Stay up to date and get back on the road.

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Partnered with Specialists

The fairest fleet insurance on the market. Intensely personalised premiums backed by big names.

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Authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

Clear claims and rates that just make sense.

No other fleet insurance keeps you fully covered, walks you through the claims process, and offers personalised rates based on how, where and when your vehicles are driven.

How Rideshur Works

All the coverage you’re used to, plus some.

A modern take on insurance doesn’t mean dialling it down. With Rideshur, your fleet is always fully insured, front to back no matter the industry.

Public & Private Hire


General Fleet



Bus & Coach

Self-Drive Hire

Public Sector

Private Ambulance

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Emergency Services

For Fleets

Drive your fleet with real-time insurance.

Rideshur for Fleets

For Drivers

Watch your insurance premium change in real-time as you adjust your driving habits.

Rideshur for Drivers

For Brokers

Connect your clients with the fairest-priced premiums on the market.

Rideshur for Brokers

We cover them, they cover us. It’s mutual.

Transparency is key, and our fleets speak the truth about their experience with Rideshur.


Our job is to get everyone home safely to their loved ones and working with Rideshur helps us to do that.

Gurinder Dhillon

CEO, OttO Car

Drive better. Pay less. Claim faster.

There’s no runaround. Insurance should keep you safe, covered, and fully informed — that’s exactly what we do.

Driver better with real-time route monitoring that learns as you do.

Pay less due to modern risk assessment algorithms, not out-of-date telematics.

Claim faster and get back on the road using our comprehensive platform.

Time to evolve your insurance.

Real-time rates, organised claims, and increased road safety are all yours. Just a few simple questions to get started.

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Ready to upgrade?

The fair prices, feature-packed claims hub and safety assessment are just the beginning.

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